Wednesday, April 2, 2008

iPhone SDK + Interface Builder

I was so excited with the release of iPhone SDK and hoped I would be developing apps in no time like the demo showed by "Steve and his friends" . But not for long, I have almost entered the total frustration mode. Apple did a good job on their release with the first version of SDK with lots of documentation and example. The second version came as a complete disappointment to me. I can't believe they released a Interface Builder with absolutely no documentation or guide except for 10 lines of Release Notes. I am a complete newbie to Cocoa Framework and Objective C, never used IB but I am clearly not a bad developer. I have developed so many different apps for different platforms with different framework.
I really hope Apple releases a new version of their SDK + IB with more documentation/samples/guides.

Meantime, after some serious searching on the web I came across this link

I believe it's a blog of another frustrated developer but he has a nice tutorial on how to use the IB with the SDK.

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