Thursday, January 24, 2008

I want it and don't want it

"There is something in the air" Probably, most of you out there were going crazy on trying to speculate what possibly could it be. Later, it turned out to be a very special something "Macbook Air". It's so far the thinnest and coolest looking laptop ever. No doubts on it. The moment, I saw it I said to myself "I am buying one" like I did it with the iPhone. But now, I am contemplating.. why? BTW, I love my iPhone and I feel it is the best purchase I have done in the past year (My PS3 takes the second place). So, here are my thoughts as to why I am contemplating?

It is definitely not the price (it's little high I agree), missing optical drive, or less hard drive memory but, Simple usability issues:
  • I read today I can't use the Magsafe adapter from other Macbooks or Macbook Pros. Are you kidding me? It's so common to people to share their power adapters all the time especially when you are at meetings, conferences or even at home. I love the Nokia cellphones for this one reason, one power adapter can work with several Nokia handsets (at least, it used to be this way)
  • Remote Disc: It doesn't let you install Windows (not very important), watch DVDs (important) or import Music MP3's or Audio CD's (very important). So, is this utility any worth to general people?
  • Oh, so why don't I buy the Super drive and not bother with Remote disc. There is a catch. I can't use the Super drive with any other laptops or PCs, not even with a Macbook Pro. Apparently, the regular USB ports can't deliver the power required by the Optical Super drive.
My thoughts mentioned here are not a big hassle. But, they are definitely something that everyone would miss at least once in few months. Apple, if you really intended the Macbook Air to be not the only computer in a household, then make sure you when you market it add a line "Not for a Single Computer household".

And BTW, I am a Apple Fanboy.

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